TOP 5 Movies

Hollywood is a place where great movies are made. Hollywood movies are always popular among us due to their excellent stories, superb direction and great performances by the legendary actors. These movies are largely screened and watched in all over the world. It has always been a fun to watch Hollywood movies at home or in the cinema hall. There are top 5 Hollywood greatest movies of all times. The Godfather It is one of the greatest films of all times made in Hollywood. It was released in 1972. It was based on a novel written by Mario Puzo. The film was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It was an American crime drama. The actors performed in this great film were Marlon Brando, James Caan, Al Pacino, Richard S Castellano and some others. It was awarded Academy Awards for Best Pictur...

Finding Examples of Good Cover Letters

How an Example of a Good Cover Letter Can Help You Using well-written examples of good cover letters can really give you a leg up when you are writing your own. Because, as we have pointed out many times, the job market is so tight in all parts of the world, you literally cannot afford to do a sub-par job here. You have to put all of your efforts into selling yourself as the best candidate for the position to which you are applying. Not a lot of people even know what they should include in their cover letter.  This is the point where examples of good cover letters can really come in handy.  After all, how else will you know what you need to include?  Until quite recently, you could get away with just submitting a resume unless, of course, the advertisement for the job specified that

Grants Search

There are times in our lives when we harbor uncertainty. Whether it concerns our careers or our educations, we don't have to tackle it alone. If you are in search of a new career or wish to go back to college, there are funds that can help you. Financial aid is not just for starting college students. With the Internet, you can do a grants search, which can lead you in the right direction for cash. Stop fretting over your current employment, or dwelling on a business venture you're scared to try. There are grants to help get you started and make your dreams a reality.   I first did a grants search online when I was in need of financial aid for college. Sure there are scholarships if you can get them, or loans if you want to acquire a significant debt, however, grants are availab...

Utopia and Dystopia: A Quick Review

Utopian and dystopian classic literature is commonly used for satire and societal critique. Ambiguity and irony are common modes of syntax for novels in this fashion. This genre was first identified by Sir Thomas More in his 1516 work Utopia. This novel is often described as satirical because the perfections and flaws in the undiscovered land of Utopia parallel that of English society at the time in which it was written. Since then we’ve had utopian literature and its supposed antithesis, dystopia, though referring to dystopian literature as a direct opposite is inaccurate. Both genres actually share the same purpose: to critique contemporary society. They just use different approaches one form shows the ideal while the other shows the nightmare. The most recent famous novels to b

The White Whale And Me

Recently I have thought a lot about Moby Dick. The analogy of the “White Whale” is something many of us are fixated on whether we have read the epic piece of classic literature or not. It is a vital idea in modern society. The pursuit that destroys you without ever being completed. The unfinishable task. For me that task is likely composing the perfect Tweet. For Herman Melville that task was writing the perfect book, accept for some Moby Dick is just that. Of course a man of ambition is only as good as his next task and topping himself became the feat that Melville would likely never accomplish. It makes you wonder if he was able to take some solace in his own darkly beautiful analogy. Spoiler alert: Moby Dick follows the attempt of Captain Ahab to defeat a whale that once destroyed

The Original Winnie The Pooh

Before Disney took these characters and made them beloved household names, A. A. Milne had a classic literature book series for children. His lead character, Winnie-the-Pooh (yes, hyphenated) also known as Pooh Bear was first introduced in 1924 in a poem from the verse book When We Were Young. Two years later, circa 1926, he finally starred in his very own self-titled book and in 1928 came a sequel, The House at Pooh Corner. The last original major work featuring Pooh Bear was 1927′s Now We Are Six, another poetry collection featuring him. Disney took these little adventures and transformed him into a lovable cartoon character from several movie incarnations and a television series. Most notably the A. A. Milne characters are known for The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh (1977), a co

Number One Desert Island Book Of All Time: High Fidelity

Nick Hornby was a middle aged British guy before I entered college. Yet somehow when I read the book High Fidelity in 1997 long before I ever had anything like a real girlfriend it seemed to predict my worries and concerns around subjects that were important to me. At the time of course there was only two subjects that were actually important to me at all, girls and music. (Maybe three if you count drugs.) The book is about a lead character stifled by his rampant opinionizing and his inability to get over his own hang ups and give himself over to his own pursuits, be those pursuits artistic or in matters of the heart. Somehow, and it begs the chicken or the egg thing, the book laid out clearly to me what my problems might one day be when I had the opportunity to date and fuck people. An...